Data Management & Analytics

Highest Quality Data, Shortest Possible Timelines

Data Management & Analytics

Highest Quality Data, Shortest Possible Timelines

Besides the traditional data management approach, Exom utilizes advanced analytics for the examination of data using sophisticated techniques and tools, such as predictive analytics, forecasting, and data mining, to discover deeper insights into clinical trial data, make predictions, and generate recommendations.

Exom’s innovative data management approach provides all study stakeholders with valuable insights at their fingertips.

Performing trend review and data analytics, comparing day-to-day safety and operational triggers across sites and countries, helps medical monitors and centralized data monitors to optimize trial performance and support the monitoring strategy. Thus, the medical monitor can efficiently help to ensure subject data are medically congruent and sound within and across subjects leading to improved patient safety.

To enhance efficiency, the centralized data monitoring team helps resolve queries faster and supports project teams globally for improved clinical execution and site communications. The on-site Monitors can then focus on strategic issues, such as patient recruitment.

Our advanced analytics algorithms detect any kind of data anomaly and increase data quality by enabling the data management team to act proactively.

Among other KPIs, it predicts which patients have a higher chance of dropping out or not following protocols and the study timelines, based on the available data drawn from the eCRF.

In a typical study, it is more difficult to find inconsistencies between related variables using traditional data cleaning methods – which are manually intensive and prone to errors. Inconsistencies that we do not notice or expect create inherent quality or compliance problems. Exom’s data management team utilizes the power of AI. Genius Wizards, through a machine learning approach, analyzes data from different sources and formats in real-time, allowing data managers and study managers to avoid spending hours creating reports and identifying patterns and trends from hundreds of thousands of data points, identifying problems that go beyond typical data quality assessments. As a result, data cleaning and queries are also drastically transformed and automated.

Our Data Management Services include:

  • Electronic case report form (eCRF) design, database design and study setup
  • Integration with clients’ existing systems and processes
  • Clinical coding with industry standards and client-specific dictionaries
  • Data Mapping for transferring one data structure into another data structure
  • Global standards that ensure consistency of clinical data management
  • Efficient, flexible and cost-effective services of the highest quality
  • Quality management of data integrity
  • Data Transfers
  • Reconciliation of external data; Data validation and query resolution
  • Project management of data and technical services
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Exom is now Kapadi


Once three entities – OncoBay Clinical, Clinscience, and Exom Group s.r.l – now we stand as one, bringing forth a symphony of expertise and seamless operations. To celebrate our unity, we re-brand under the banner of Kapadi, and embark on a new chapter of exceptional service in oncology clinical research.

Kapadi is not just a name; it's a testament to our fusion. It signifies the our standing as a global CRO powerhouse committed to accelerating groundbreaking cancer therapies that uplift patients worldwide. From conceptualizing studies, navigating regulations, and analyzing data, we provide a comprehensive array of services designed to empower your oncology clinical trials.