Exom Group has drawn up a Code of Conduct to give form and substance to the culture of responsibility and integrity that is deeply rooted in the company. All employees working in Exom Group have always acted and related to each other in the context of a distinctive and immediately recognizable identity consisting of a shared culture, history and values. The Code of Conduct is therefore a document reflecting an assumption of responsibility towards the communities in which Exom Group operates and consequently has a dual function: to become an integral and founding part of our values and, at the same time, a means of protecting and reinforcing them. The document is based on a series of simple but rigorously expressed principles intended to guide everyone belonging to the company in all of the places in which it operates in Italy and abroad.  The document is based on respect for the law, professional deontology and procedures, and contains the principle characterizing the relationships of Exom Group with all other stakeholders, as well as the commitment of the group to safeguard health and safety. The Code of Conduct is therefore a tangible sign of the sense of responsibility with which the company acts in satisfying the needs and expectations of patients, scientific community and medical, clients and society as a whole. Read our full Code of Conduct

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