Genius ROSA

Home Telemonitoring in Clinical Trials

Genius ROSA

Home Telemonitoring in Clinical Trials

Telemedicine allows for an entirely new approach in conducting a study since there are a variety of features which were not available until now. Besides the classical ePRO (Patient Reported Outcome) and collection of other health data, telemedicine offers direct contact to the site staff via video-, voice- and chat capabilities. This feature enables the conduction of study visits remotely at the patients’ homes or his local doctors’ office, and thus decreasing travel time and effort for study participants, which greatly benefit the willingness to participate at a trial.

With Genius ROSA™ we aim to improve the compliance of patients to study procedures while at home. The platform supports innovative clinical and study management models for the proper delivery of out-of-hospital services, and collection of home recorded data, based on care solutions tailored to each study.

Genius ROSA™ is the ideal home telemonitoring for clinical trials, especially when it comes to studies involving: Rare and Chronic Diseases, Elderly and Pediatric Patients.

Genius ROSA™ can collect data from different devices and send them directly to the study database through secure data transmission. Currently more than 50 devices are integrated into the solution. Additionally the system can send reminders (e.g. SMS, email) to the patient or use automated alerts when a specific study activity should be performed (e.g. when medicine has to be taken, a remote visit is due or readings and exercises have to be executed).

Genius ROSA™ is fully integrated with our eConsent solution Genius ENGAGE™ to enable a flexible consenting and re-consenting procedure even at patient’s home.


  • Assures the regular monitoring of patients at home
  • Measures patient-centric clinical outcomes through device
    at home
  • Knocks down the geographical barriers
  • Increases patient compliance and retention into the study
  • Capitalizes on existing digital communication solutions
  • Reduces the overall study costs and the patient’s discomfort for repeated visits at trial center


  • Video Calls with study doctors and research staff
  • eConsent
  • eCRF integration
  • Televisits and telemonitoring
  • SMS/email patient’s reminders
  • Virtual research nurse support
  • Notifications
  • Audio registration
  • ePRO
  • Acknowledgment of drug receipt
  • Study Drug Compliance monitoring
Global Health & Pharma Excellence AwardsAward Winner 2022

Exom is proud to announce that Global Health & Pharma has awarded us the 2022 Global Excellence Award as "Most innovative Full-Service CRO - 2022" for our pioneering, cutting-edge use of technology in clinical trials to support study stakeholders.

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