Genius INSIGHT™ – Real Time Study Metrics

Delivering real-time data is at the heart of the digital revolution in clinical trials that is based on knowing more information sooner, and on using that knowledge to make better decisions at each step of the study process.
Genius INSIGHT™ gives investigators and sites monitors unprecedented access to standardized, integrated data from multiple sources and provides study teams with metrics and tools to help focus and modulate monitoring and data cleaning efforts in real time.
Genius INSIGHT™ places all the information you want, when you want it and how you want it at your fingertips. Further it uniquely consolidates, reconciles, analyzes and provides single-view reports to visualize real-time data, trends and metrics from all disparate study-related data sources.
Genius INSIGHT™ applies real-time data integration and analytics with Penthao and has numerous standard graphical reports, and custom graphical reports can be created based on the clients and study requirements.

Genius INSIGHT™ key reports

  • Trial Metrics Report
  • Trial Overview Report
  • Adverse Event List
  • Concomitant Medication List
  • Deviation Summary Report
  • eCRF Status Report
  • Overdue Items
  • Projected Subject Visits Report
  • Cohort Summary Report
  • Visit Window Status Report
  • Page Status Report
  • Query Status Details Report
  • Randomization Status Report
  • Screening/Enrollment Log
  • Screening/Enrollment by Country Report
  • Subject Enrollment Report
  • User Role Registration Detail Report
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Withdrawal Summary Report
  • Monthly Enrollment Report
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