Genius AGENDA™ –  Patient’s Visit Calendar

Coordinating research and clinical visits is not a trivial task. Every research visit must occur within a protocol-specified visit window, such as “visit 1 must occur 1 month, plus or minus 7 days (i.e., the visit ‘window’), after the randomization visit.”
Scheduling a joint appointment can be difficult, even with several weeks of advance notice. The problem can be further complicated if the patient reschedules a visit or fails to appear for one.  Moreover, research visits that do not occur within visit windows may be considered a study violation and may require extra paperwork.
Genius AGENDA™ is a module that generates calendars, scheduling visits based on study protocol-driven target dates.
Genius AGENDA™ enables staff to view calendars across multiple subjects and studies and to be prepared for the planned study visits. Patient-version calendars are also generated in a printable format and text messages are automatically delivered to the patient and investigators few days in advance of the planned visit.


Genius AGENDA™ key benefits

  • Projects the visit sequence from enrollment up to the study end
  • Applies rules (day 1, day 5, cycle 3) and exceptions (not on weekends)
  • Considers the pre-defined visit window time
  • Send automatic reminders for the next programmed visit
  • Marks events as scheduled, completed, or skipped
  • Automatically flags visit date deviations (out of range)
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