Why The Expert Digital CRO?

Because we transform clinical trial conduction by connecting new digital and mobile technologies, advanced methodologies and scientific expertise Combining these resources increases clinical trial quality and performance, while reducing the costs. Our mission is to innovate clinical research. Our priorities are Quality and Performance.


  • Expertise, Science, Results
  • Innovation, Passion, Excellence
  • Execution & Quality
  • Transparency & Integrity
  • On Time & On Budget


International projects require many locations worldwide, local regulatory experience, clinical expertise, and integrated technologies.

All our study team members are connected in real time and harmonized to the same protocols and SOPs, to get quality results and sites performance from every location.


From their earliest professional days in academia, medical practice and industry to the present, Exom Group Founders and Leaders have possessed remarkable vision, focus and a commitment to the highest standards of business conduct. They have taken risks, encouraged creativity and transformed ideas into innovations to tackle big Life Sciences and Pharma challenges, starting with the way new drugs and devices are developed. They are committed to introduce a value-based approach in clinical research and to drive change in the way physicians, patients and other sector stakeholders interact.

Sponsors’ Centric
Our unique credo is to serve our Sponsors with passion, integrity, transparency, caring and innovation.

Investigators’ Centric

We are committed to reduce the level of burden in clinical trials for the investigators, through the introduction of mobile and cutting edge technological solutions.

Patients’ Centric
To move clinical trials out of the clinic and into patients’ own homes, to have patients more empowered and engaged and tearing down geographic barriers, opening up trials to a much wider – and potentially more diverse and representative – patient population.

Our International network of validated and qualified Partners (Exom Alliance), trained to Exom’s technologies and processes, provides an established organization, active across the whole of Europe and North America.

  • Documented and significant experience in clinical trials on both drugs and medical device;
  • Appropriate education and regular trainings;
  • Annual quality audits and appraisals:
  • Continuous assessment of site monitoring workload, performance and data quality by the corporate Central Data & Documents Monitoring team;
  • Common use of Exom’s SOPs, procedures and digital technology applications;
  • All study documents and data stored securely and centralized on cloud server repositories.


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Exom is now Kapadi


Once three entities – OncoBay Clinical, Clinscience, and Exom Group s.r.l – now we stand as one, bringing forth a symphony of expertise and seamless operations. To celebrate our unity, we re-brand under the banner of Kapadi, and embark on a new chapter of exceptional service in oncology clinical research.

Kapadi is not just a name; it's a testament to our fusion. It signifies the our standing as a global CRO powerhouse committed to accelerating groundbreaking cancer therapies that uplift patients worldwide. From conceptualizing studies, navigating regulations, and analyzing data, we provide a comprehensive array of services designed to empower your oncology clinical trials.

Visit Kapadi.com