Milano (Italy), September 2021 – Exom Group Srl, the “Full-Service Expert & Digital CRO”, with the aim of strengthening both its international operational infrastructure and the widespread use of its advanced digital solutions for clinical research, has joined Clinscience, the Neuca Group subsidiary dedicated to management of clinical trials.

Consistent with its mission that, since its foundation in 2014, has been the implementation of the next-generation clinical trial 5.0 processes, through the combination of human expertise with the efficiency of digital technologies  and advanced analytics to provide study sponsors with value-added services and exceptional study experience, Exom  will benefit of the Clinscience additional knowledge and experience of medical, biostatistics, regulatory and clinical operations expertise, to improve both clinical trials performance and quality and for expanding the international geographic reach.

Exom will also bring its concrete and direct and solid experience in “Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials” to allow for in-home clinical visits and remote patient’s monitoring through a telemedicine platform integrated with digital health devices.

In addition, entry into the Neuca Group offers access to a high potential of patients with different  diseases through Pratia, a network of nearly one hundred clinical sites located in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine and specifically dedicated to clinical research.

Pratia site network clinics are focused on bringing together professional and experienced investigators and patients. They cover a wide scope of therapeutic areas and provide access to both ambulatory and hospital facilities depending on the requirements of a particular project.

Luigi Visani, MD, CEO of EXOM GROUP says “Our innovation-oriented approach has proven its worth, bringing us to the forefront of the most innovative players in the CRO market. The merger with Clinscience and the access to Pratia clinical research network will allow us to exploit even more fully the potential of our consolidated experience and our strong vision of future research based on state-of-the-art digital solutions and Patient Centricity approach”.

Tomek Dąbrowski, CEO of Clinscience, responsible for the Clinical Trials business in NEUCA Group says, “Being aware of the digital revolution taking place in Clinical Trials market, we are prioritizing investments in technology solutions. Joining forces with EXOM GROUP will allow us to continue our long-term strategy of implementing innovation based on digital, real-time data visualization and analysis. We are aiming to fundamentally change the approach to the process of conducting Clinical Trials for today’s digital times”.

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Picture of a Patient Kit with a Tablet and Measurement Devices


EXOM combines the strong medical, regulatory and operational expertise of his staff, with the most disruptive digital cloud and mobile solutions to reduce costs and increase quality and performance of clinical trials. Exom will be the Preferred Partner for those life science companies who recognize that implementing digital solutions is not as simple as installing innovative technologies but really a fundamental change in the way they do clinical trials with a higher attention to both investigators and Patient’s needs. Exom helps in containing the costs, reducing the time to market, facing the regulatory pressures and managing the complexity and the level of the burden in clinical operations


CLINSCIENCE is a global CRO company offering intelligent (end-to-end) CRO services, i.e. from protocol creation to final study report development. More than 150 clients of Biotechnology companies in Europe and USA trust the Clinscience brand. The company has offices in Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany and USA and provides its services in 6 European countries.

Picture of a Patient Kit with a Tablet and Measurement Devices
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The NEUCA Group has been operating in the area of healthcare for 30 years, synergistically combining the needs of pharmacists, manufacturers and Patients. It is the market leader in the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals in Poland. The key partners for the NEUCA Group are independent pharmacists, whom the Group supports in their daily operation of pharmacies, providing tools to build competitiveness and profitability.

The NEUCA Group cares for the health of its Patients by developing a network of medical clinics. It is an expert in the clinical research segment, executes ambitious telemedicine projects, and successfully operates in e-commerce. It is also an experienced producer of medicines and pharmacy preparations.

Since 2004 NEUCA has been a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, regularly improving its financial results.

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