Having made a name for itself as the ‘Most Innovative Full-Service CRO’ for 2021, the Exom Group has been pushing for the acceptance of digital and technological solutions in Clinical Trials. Whilst there is still a lot of work to be done before the field embraces the methodology, between the outstanding nature of its work and the tenacity of its team, it is converting the big hitters in its field one client at a time. 

Upon its founding, Exom Group began to work towards its vision of the future for its industry. Fundamentally, it wishes to see the conduct of clinical trials more efficiently and innovatively for both those organizing and those taking part, resulting in better, more reliable results and a more straightforward process. It does this by way of technological innovation. First and foremost, by combining of a wide variety of skillsets from study staff with advanced technologies, its ultimate aim is to shorten the timespans that studies take, improve quality and make the clinical trials more accurate and effective across the board. 

Today, Exom as a company serves the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device industry, working with companies across all manner of scales and sizes, from the start-up to the worldwide global player. Its core values have remained the same since its inception despite this intense growth spurt, and this is something that its clients have come to laud as exemplary, as Exom is consistent and diligent with its services across the board. These values, principally, refer to the therapeutic expertise with which Exom approaches its work – they share a passion for quality and performance through digital innovation, with significant knowledge and experience for this work and making it the best available to its clients. 

Additionally, the vision behind Exom pertains to the transformation of clinical trials by connecting scientists to advanced digital technologies, assuring the achievement of high-quality research through innovation, operating through data-driven solutions and risk-based monitoring, and reducing the overall cost both in time and money for clinical trials. It is confident that all the factors mentioned above are pushing it in the right direction. Furthermore, Exom has gathered around it an extensive customer base; serving customers across several goals and scientific directions helps its clients appropriately nail down their study design and implement the right technologies. 

From the initial ideation phases of a scientific study, Exom can be of indispensable help to clients and their teams, allowing them to benefit from Exom’s medical expertise and enviable depth and breadth of knowledge regarding technological work. Moreover, given its dedication to keeping a finger on its industry’s pulse, it uses specific technologies to make itself highly efficient and share only the best with its clientele. This approach allows clients to rest assured that each recommendation Exom makes will be in their best interests. Consequentially, Exom has earned itself an intensive reputation for reliability and efficiency when it comes to forging a clinical trial project into its best and most actionable state. 

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Differentiating itself from its competition, it boasts extensive knowledge in the field of digital clinical trials. Unlike so many others, Exom has been making itself a cornerstone of its area for years now, gleaning significant naturalistic growth through its excellence alone, each client allowing it to make use of its vast backlog of experience. Critically, its investment in technological enablement and innovation also has not made it lose sight of the people that these trials are being designed to help – therefore, it is an expert in conducting patient-centric or virtual clinical trials. These are the ideal solution for studies in rare diseases. In tandem with this, due to its work in innovation, its help can aid trial managers to monitor patient progress remotely and constantly through its Genius ROSA platform. 

This platform, in particular, functions as a telemedicine solution for patients involved in the trial, allowing for validating and study-specific integrations that are each developed by its incredible staff. These people are dedicated, ambitious, and forward-thinking, with an attitude towards problem-solving to work every issue through. Exom knows that its team is the core pillar of its organisation and so treats each individual as being responsible for the company’s continued success and growth; each person contributes invaluable insights and experience that forge its breadth of knowledge, after all.

Additionally, Exom’s staff each carry with them a digital attitude, which means that their ability to envision and implement new technologies and methodologies is second to none, always invigorated by a challenge and happy to make its solutions work for a client, no matter the project. This attitude is necessary across all of its departments, too, from customer-facing to behind the scenes. Beginning with software development and implementation, its management of a project takes a client from the starter questions of what they would like to see implemented right through to solidifying the operational departments that will manage and evaluate the clinical studies in question. 

Due to this, Exom has an inherent diversity amongst its staff. It places great value on each team member’s ability to handle and get experience with new technologies, happy to boast an outstanding group of fast learners who never cut corners when it comes to their work, striving for total client satisfaction every time. Crucially, its company culture has often been described as familial in nature. Everyone has a say, and everyone has their area of expertise in which they shine; Exom looks forward to fostering their professional growth in these areas, encouraging everyone to do independent work while also keeping in mind the team mindset that underpins it. 

Over the course of Covid-19, Exom saw its industry begin to shift its attitude towards accepting digital clinical trials. Due to this, it has been able to ply its trade more and convert more of its market segment to how much digitally-enabled clinical trials can make the experience so much easier and more effective. However, it is still an uphill battle on occasion, and the international clinical field has a long way to go before acceptance is reached – one needs to glance at the EMA and FDA guidelines to see the proof of this – and Exom, therefore, is championing a mixed approach of on-site and digital monitoring. 

Forever working towards its overall mission, Exom will continually create and develop more ways to implement digitization into its field in 2021. As it moves forward into the rest of the year, it will be keeping its three essential stakeholders, their patients, their investigators, and their sponsors, at the core of its work, supporting them as much as possible with new technologically enabled workflows. It will also be working harder on Genius ROSA, allowing it to further establish itself as a telemedicine tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate control groups and so much more. Transitioning from typical data management to all new data science as a service and performing its so-called Clinical Trial 5.0 to combine human ingenuity with technology is looking forward to bettering its provision of value-added, exemplary services.

Source: Corporate Vision – Issue 7 2021 29 

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