Digital technologies have been used in clinical studies for years. So far, however, they have been used very hesitantly by sponsors, study centers and CROs. Authorities have also been very hesitant to approve their use.

The Covid-19 pandemic, however, has changed this attitude. Innovative Digital technologies, such as telemedicine or remote informed consent and site monitoring, rapidly found their way into clinical trials, and regulatory authorities, sponsors, investigators and patients are ready to break new grounds.

The path Exom has taken with its customers since its founding, namely to conduct clinical trials using innovative technologies and advanced analytics, has proven to be the right one.

In this webinar we will show, from the perspective of a sponsor and a CRO, the following points:

• How studies can be conducted virtually
• How advanced analytics and machine learning can be used in different areas of study execution
• How study stakeholders can benefit from these innovations

Enjoy the recording of our webinar and in case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Corporate Vision MagazineAward Winner

Exom is proud to announce that Corporate Vision Magazine has awarded us the 2021 Corporate Excellence Award as "Most innovative Full-Service CRO" for our technology-driven approach to clinical trial management.

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