On November 14th, Luigi Visani, CEO of Exom Group, has been among the speakers of the seminar organized by the Polish Association of GCPs Professionals entitled “The e-solutions in medicine, such as eHR and eICF, will revolutionize clinical research ? “ and  made a presentation on the electronic Informed Consent.

The electronic Consent (14 Nov. 2017).pdf

On November 21st, there was a workshop at the Department of Medical Biotechnology of the University of Milano, focused on “The value of clinical research and future digital technologies development”.

At the meeting,  endorsed by the School of Clinical Pharmacology of the University of Milano and by the Italian Society of Pharmacology (SIF) , Luigi Visani discussed the following topic “ New digital technologies in clinical trials: state of the art and evolution”.

New Digital Technologies in clinical trials (Milano 21 Novembre 2017).pdf

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