The 2016 Survey

Validic, an industry’s  leading digital health platform,  conducted a survey involving 166 biopharma and life sciences industry researchers, executives and technology/software professionals to provide insight into the benefits and challenges of using digital health data and devices in clinical trials. Over 60 percent of survey respondents stated they have used digital health technologies in clinical trials and an impressive 97.4 percent plan to use digital technologies more in clinical trials in the next five years. Currently, the use of digital health technologies is mostly focused on recruitment, remote patient monitoring and medication adherence.

The following key business drivers for using digital health have been indicated :

  • 73% Demonstrate efficacy and real- world value
  • 68% Reduce trial costs
  • 68% Patient-centricity
  • 59% Streamline trial processes
  • 46% Precision medicine
  • 35% Competitive differentiator

Chronic conditions, particularly cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders, are a focus for many pharma and biotech companies because of the size of the market and the increasing aging population.

The 3 most important benefits of digital data flagged by the respondents are:

  • 49% Real-time information
  • 39% Automated and objective  data collection
  • 36% Remote monitoring

The digital revolution could allow drug developers to carry out more detailed and real time analyses of data from clinical trials. This has the potential to increase the speed at which drugs progress through clinical trials, as well as accelerating decision-making by companies on which programs to pursue.

Global Health & Pharma Excellence AwardsAward Winner 2022

Exom is proud to announce that Global Health & Pharma has awarded us the 2022 Global Excellence Award as "Most innovative Full-Service CRO - 2022" for our pioneering, cutting-edge use of technology in clinical trials to support study stakeholders.

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